Friday, Apr 16, 2021
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How can social media users be protected from hackers? | Inside Story

Al Jazeera, 06 Apr 2021
It may seem safe enough to post your phone number and date of birth on social media.
But that information could end up being shared all over the web.
The personal details of more than half a billion Facebook users were posted online on a website for hackers.
According to the Insider publication the security breach affects people from 106 countries including the US, UK and India.
Cybersecurity experts are worried the accounts are subject to identity theft and could be used for fraud and cyber crimes.
Facebook says the data was collected in 2019.

So, who is responsible for the security breach?

Presenter: Mohammed Jamjoom

Jody Westby, Chief Executive at Global Cyber Risk technology and advisory services firm
Maastricht, Catalina Goanta, Assistant Professor in Private Law at Maastricht University and Co-Manager of Maastricht Law and Tech Lab
Caroline Sinders, Visiting Researcher at Weizenbaum Institute and Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School

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