Tuesday, Jan 26, 2021
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How Kate is filling the shoes of Princess Diana | Royal Insight with Camilla Tominey

Telegraph, 08 Jan 2021
The Duchess of Cambridge has devoted the last ten years of her life to her Early Years campaign. The work she has done highlights the impact a child's first years of life will carry for the rest of their life.

This, The Telegraph's Camilla Tominey says, is part of Kate's drive to establish herself as a senior Royal with her own legacy, rather than being eternally attached to the work of her husband, the Duke of Cambridge. Since her marriage into the Royal family, Kate has been working in the background to build a long-lasting legacy. It follows in the footsteps of Diana, the late Princess of Wales.

In the video above, Camilla Tominey looks into how and why Kate is choosing to follow in Princess Diana's footsteps.

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