Friday, Jul 30, 2021
Focus on the big picture

How will COVID-19 shape our economic future? | COVID-19 Special

DW, 18 Jun 2021
There's so much that we needed to learn about the coronavirus, that we needed to adapt to during the pandemic - and still, the cost of it has been overwhelming.
The IMF estimates the global cost of the virus at 28 trillion US dollars in lost output between 2020 and 2025.

Still, there may be some things that changed for the better. Economists hope the environment, local industry and even our social lives could eventually benefit from the experience.
In the beginning of it all, DW's Ben Fajzullin talked to five top economists about their predictions for the business world and our working lives. A year on, he spoke to them again in the hopes of garnering a little more perspective.


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