Wednesday, Apr 14, 2021
Focus on the big picture

How will the relationship between China and ASEAN develop in the future?

CGTN, 04 Apr 2021
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China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi has met with the foreign ministers of Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines in Fujian over the past week. What did the four foreign ministers and Wang Yi discuss at the meeting? What issues can these four countries reach a consensus on with China? And how will the relationship between China and #ASEAN develop in the future?

The U.S.-Mexico border is facing a humanitarian crisis due to a large influx of undocumented migrants. Thousands of these are unaccompanied children, and the crisis on the south-west border is growing into a major challenge for President #JoeBiden . What is the Biden administration doing to deal with the issue? How will the surge in migration affect U.S. efforts to deal with the pandemic? #USMexico

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