Wednesday, Sep 23, 2020
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Humpback whales enter crocodile river 'in Australian first'

BBC, 16 Sep 2020
Australian officials say they will try to guide a humpback whale out of a crocodile-infested river in the Northern Territory after it got lost and ended up 30km (18.5 miles) inland.

The whale and others were on an annual sea migration when some of them "took a wrong turn", experts believe.
Two whales were later able to swim out of the river, but at least one remains.

It's the first known instance of a whale being found in crocodile territory so far inland in Australia.

Given its estimated 16m (52 ft) length, the humpback is considered unlikely to be disturbed by crocodiles.
But that risk could escalate if the whale were to become stranded in the shallow waters, officials said on Monday.

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