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In full: David Cameron grilled by MPs over Greensill lobbying

Telegraph, 14 May 2021
David Cameron has been told his "reputation is in tatters" as he defended his "passionate" lobbying for Greensill Capital.

The former prime minister said it was a "painful day" as he gave evidence to one-time colleagues.

"I completely accept that former prime ministers are in a different position to others because of the office we held and the influence that continues to bring. We need to think differently and act differently," he said.

But when probed about the details of the business, Mr Cameron was savaged by Labour MP Rushanara Ali, who said he was "either conveniently turning a blind eye or not doing the proper due diligence... your reputation is in tatters".

Dame Angela Eagle asked if he was not "a little bit embarrassed" about his behaviour, which was "more like stalking than lobbying".

He stressed he firmly believed in Greensill's proposition and the ability to "help" small businesses - although conceded he was handsomely remunerated.

Asked if it was more or less than a million, he told MPs it was "a generous, big salary that you might earn someone in my position at a bank or what have you", but stressed he would be "stubborn" in withholding the details.

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