Thursday, Jun 24, 2021
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India reports the world's worst single-day COVID-19-death toll

DW, 10 Jun 2021
India reported 6,148 new deaths from coronavirus on Thursday. It represents the highest single-day death toll from the virus in the world. The sharp spike in numbers has been attributed to the eastern state of Bihar correcting its figures. Authorities revised the state’s earlier total from about 5,400 to more than 9,400 coronavirus-related deaths to account for patients who succumbed to the virus at home or at private hospitals. The increase in numbers surpassed the 5,444 virus-linked deaths recorded in the US on February 12. With a caseload of over 29.2 million infections and nearly 360,000 fatalities, India remains the world’s second-worst affected country after the United States. However, experts maintain that the figures are massively undercounted.


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