Thursday, Sep 24, 2020
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Internal Market Bill will 'stop the EU using a stick against this country', says Boris Johnson

Telegraph, 15 Sep 2020
Boris Johnson has told MPs that the Internal Market Bill is required because it will "provide the legal certainty" that businesses trading across the Irish Sea need.

The EU has threatened to "instant and automatic prohibition" of animal products from Britain to Northern Ireland, Boris Johnson said, "blockading food and agricultural products within our own country".

The Prime Minister told MPs that "in recent months the EU has suggested it is willing to go to extreme and unreasonable lengths, using the Northern Ireland protocol in a way that goes well beyond common sense to export their leverage against the UK" during trade talks.

Mr Johnson claimed the "most glaring example", was that the EU has said that if we fail to reach an agreement to their satisfaction they might refuse to list food and agricultural products for sale anywhere in the EU".

That would have the effect of an instant ban on animal products passing from mainland Britain to Northern Ireland, he claimed.

The "threats reveal the spirit" of the EU's approach to Brexit talks, Mr Johnson said.

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