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Is governance across Africa in crisis? | The Stream

Al Jazeera, 19 Jan 2021
The quality of governance in Africa worsened for the first time in a decade, according to a report from the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, which sounded the alarm on a deteriorating human rights environment.

The findings were published in the Ibrahim Index of African Governance, an annual report that measures leadership performance in African countries and is the most comprehensive survey of its kind. The 2019 average score for overall governance declined by -0.2 points from 2018, it said, though results varied widely among the 54 countries evaluated.

Economic progress had partly driven improvements in governance standards in recent years, the report said, but that was now in danger of being undone by the coronavirus pandemic and other factors.

"The continent had long before embarked on a deteriorating path and the pandemic simply aggravated this existing negative trajectory," the report said. "Conversely, economic opportunity was set on a positive course of sustained progress, and the impact of COVID-19 is now threatening the hard-won achievement in this area."

So what can be done to ensure the gains of the last 10 years are not undone? On this episode of The Stream, we speak to three female leaders from the continent, including former Liberian president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

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