Friday, Oct 22, 2021
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‘It’s still the Hong Kong I like’: mainland Chinese on how they feel in the city after social unrest

SCMP, 09 Oct 2021
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It has been over a year since Beijing imposed a national security law on Hong Kong that critics say severely limits the freedom of the city’s residents. Since then, thousands of Hongkongers have chosen to emigrate to countries such as the UK, which has offered them a new path to citizenship. A number of notable pro-democracy activists have fled fearing they’ll be targeted by authorities. Many expatriates have also chosen to return to their home countries, citing changes to Hong Kong’s political climate. But not everyone is choosing to leave the place that they’ve called home for many years. In late 2021, the Post spoke to some mainland Chinese who have chosen to stay on in Hong Kong, saying they remain optimistic about the city’s future.

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