Tuesday, Oct 20, 2020
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🇯🇵 Japan’s Hafu: Why does being mixed race feel so foreign? | The Stream

Al Jazeera, 28 Sep 2020
In Japan, the term “Hafu,” or “half” in English, refers to biracial or mixed-race citizens. While Japan is a predominantly homogenous society, 2019 figures from the health ministry say one out of every 30 children born had one non-Japanese parent – with this demographic on the rise.

Japan’s Hafu confront a range of reactions at home - some say casual racism is rife and the ability to feel accepted as “fully Japanese” is a struggle. However, others say that being Hafu is glamourised in Japan – as the beauty industry and pop culture increasingly promote images of mixed-race people.

On this episode of The Stream, we discuss the stigmas and celebrations facing Japan’s Hafu as well as examine the country’s increasingly diverse society.

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