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Kazakhstan crisis: President Tokayev discusses "anti-terrorism" operation as calm returns to Almaty

CA, 11 Jan 2022
The streets of Kazakhstan's biggest city, Almaty, appeared calm on Monday with workers removing debris as President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev discussed an "anti-terrorism" operation, in which he told members of the Russian-led CSTO military alliance he considered an attempted "coup d'etat."

He also said that 16 members of security forces were killed and more than 1,300 were injured. There were also civilian casualties, though the number is still being estimated.

His comments came during an online meeting CSTO, with Tokayev saying order had been restored in the country after the most violent arrest seen since the Soviet collapse. He also advised a large-scale "counter-terrorism" operation would soon end along with a CSTO mission that numbered about 2,030 troops.

Russian President Vladimir Putin blamed the violent unrest on what he called destructive internal and external forces, adding that the military alliance would not allow its member governments to be toppled in ex-Soviet "colour revolutions."

Thousands of people have been detained and some public buildings torched during mass anti-government protests last week. The demonstrations began with opposition against a fuel price rise but erupted into wider protests against the government.

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