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La Palma volcano: Lava continues spewing as Spain vows to speed up aid | FULL

CA, 25 Oct 2021
The Cumbre Vieja volcano on the Spanish island of La Palma still spewed red-hot lava into the air more than one month after its first eruption on Sunday.

The Canary Islands Volcanology Institute said that part of the main cone had collapsed on Saturday morning. It tweeted footage of dark ash clouds billowing from the volcano.

The advancing lava continues to threaten homes and businesses. Streams of lava have engulfed almost 800 hectares of land and destroyed about 2,000 buildings since the eruption started.

More than 6,000 people have had to leave their homes.

The volcano has produced a constant rumble and roar, with dozens of minor earthquakes most days, but a 4.8-magnitude tremor – the most powerful since the volcano’s first eruption – hit La Palma on Tuesday night, Spain’s Institute of Geosciences said.

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said Spain would speed up aid to the hard-hit agriculture and fishing industries on the island.

"At the cabinet meeting next Tuesday we are going to make a budgetary modification to accelerate the arrival of economic resources for both the Employment Plan and aid for the entire agriculture and fishing sector," Sanchez said at a press conference during his fifth visit to the island since the eruption began.

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