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Lebanon forms new government amid economic crisis: Same old same old?

DW, 11 Sep 2021
Lebanon's richest man has been named prime minister. President Michel Aoun has designated Najib Mikati to head up a new government. The president brokered a deal after 13 months of squabbling between political factions. Mikati is calling on leaders to unite and tackle the country's pressing problems.
Najib Mikati visited Lebanon's President to formalize the end of the political limbo. The Prime Minister designate says he hopes the new 24-member cabinet can bring stability to a country engulfed in economic crisis.
The billionaire businessman was chosen to form a government back in July after others failed. He's familiar with the position, having served as Prime Minister two times before. And it's that familiarity that fuels skepticism in the Lebanese people.
A year without a government has been a heavy burden for the people of Lebanon. The currency has crashed, leading to critical shortages of food, medicine and petrol.
The previous government resigned after sustained public criticism following the Beirut port explosion, leading to the 13-month quest to form a new government.

Parliamentary polls are due next year, with many pinning their hopes on the ballot bringing in fresh blood. But others are doubtful of any results that would change the status quo.

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