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Letter from President Xi: Bangladeshi girl hopes to become envoy for China-Bangladesh friendship

CGTN, 31 May 2023
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Twelve-year-old Bangladeshi girl Alifa Chin has a unique story. In 2010, her mother was diagnosed with a serious heart disease. Local medical conditions were poor but luckily a hospital ship from China visited Bangladesh at the time, and they managed to successfully deliver the baby.

Sheng Ruifang was one of the Chinese doctors who treated Chin's mother. She now works at No. 1 Hospital Affiliated with the Naval Medical University in Shanghai. Chin calls Sheng her "Chinese mom."

This March, Chin wrote a letter to Chinese President Xi Jinping, telling the story of her birth. At the Chinese Embassy in Bangladesh, Chin received a reply from President Xi.

In his letter, Xi encourages Chin to work hard and study medicine in China in the future.

CGTN spoke to Chin and her family.

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