Friday, Jan 22, 2021
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Lisa Montgomery, the first woman to be executed by the US government in nearly 70 years

DW, 12 Jan 2021
Lisa Montgomery could be the first woman to face the death penalty in nearly 70 years. She was convicted for murdering a pregnant woman Bobbie Jo Stinnett and taking her unborn child, trying to pass the baby girl off as her own. In spite of her gruesome crime her supporters say she doesn’t deserve to die. As a child Montgomery was a victim of severe abuse. Her lawyers say she suffered
incest, gang-rape and brain damage.
The 52-year-old is being held in a prison in Indiana. She’s scheduled to die by lethal injection on January 12th. Multiple courts have rejected her appeals. Only outgoing President Donald Trump could stop the execution.
Under Trump, the US restarted federal executions for the first time in almost two decades. Montgomery is one of three inmates scheduled to die before his term ends. Trump’s successor Joe Biden once supported the death penalty but has now pledged to end its use.


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