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Live: Analysis of the Rittenhouse verdict

PBS, 20 Nov 2021
Please note: This event will begin soon after the jury completes their deliberations, and the start time is subject to change.

More than a year after Kyle Rittenhouse fatally shot two people and wounded a third during a night of protests against police brutality in Kenosha, Wisconsin, a jury is deliberating his legal fate. Rittenhouse, 18, faces five felony counts and life in prison if convicted as charged for his actions during a night of protests in August 2020 around the shooting of Jacob Blake, a Black man, by a white police officer.

The protests there came on the heels of a summer charged with demonstrations over police violence and racial injustice. Over the course of more than two weeks of testimony, Rittenhouse, a former police cadet, testified he acted in self-defense when he fired his AR-style semi-automatic rifle, saying that he had come under attack, while prosecutors argued he instigated the violence, provoking demonstrators with his weapon. Rittenhouse, and the people he shot, are white. Eighteen jurors have participated in the case, and 12 were selected to reach a decision.

Following the verdict, PBS NewsHour digital anchor Nicole Ellis will speak to a panel of experts about what the jury's decisions mean, how legal frameworks and precedents affected the outcome, and what larger repercussions lie ahead for a country grappling with racial justice.

Defense makes closing statement:
Prosecution makes closing statement:
Rittenhouse trial judge asks for expert to explain iPad’s pinch-to-zoom function:
Kyle Rittenhouse's full testimony in own defense:
Survivor describes encounter with Rittenhouse:
Kyle Rittenhouse breaks down as he recounts shooting during his trial:
Why Kyle Rittenhouse's murder trial got fiery after he took the stand:
Analyzing Kyle Rittenhouse's self-defense claims as jury selection begins:
Kyle Rittenhouse trial begins with opening statements:

Explainer: Why did the judge drop Kyle Rittenhouse gun charge?

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