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'Madness!': British travellers furious at quarantine after missing amber list deadline for Portugal

Telegraph, 08 Jun 2021
British tourists who missed the deadline to return from Portugal before the country was put on the amber list have described their fury at the move.

Kevin Power, 69, from Croydon, who was on holiday in Faro, had initially booked to arrive in the UK on Monday but had not completed the correct paperwork and was removed from his flight.

Speaking at Gatwick Airport on Tuesday, he told the PA news agency: "It's going to impact my family, the kids, my wife, she has to stop in and get food and things like that.

"It's beginning to hit me now, the result for me was getting on that flight and getting over here."

Kathy Kirby, 64, from Battersea, in south-west London, had rebooked her flights multiple times from Faro to try and make it back on Monday, accruing costs of £589.

Speaking at Gatwick Airport on Tuesday, she said: "I'm not very happy because I made attempts to get back before the deadline for quarantine but unfortunately it didn't work.

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