Friday, Apr 23, 2021
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‘Mama, I love you’: new police body-cam & CCTV footage of George Floyd’s arrest

RT, 02 Apr 2021
A Minneapolis court was shown new footage of the events surrounding the fatal arrest of George Floyd last year.

Jury members watched corner store CCTV footage of Floyd, seemingly ‘high’, making a purchase with a counterfeit $20 bill, before seeing him beg police officers not to shoot him in a police bodycam recording.

The footage was shown at the murder trial of ex-police officer Derek Chauvin, 45, who faces three charges of second- and third-degree murder, as well as second-degree manslaughter. He’s accused of killing Floyd, 46, who was unarmed, by putting his knee on his neck to restrain him for over nine minutes.

Chauvin’s defense argues that Floyd died from drug use, heart disease, high blood pressure and the adrenaline flowing through his body. They also insist that Chauvin did what he was trained to do in the situation.

The CCTV footage shows Floyd’s slightly erratic body language as he makes his purchase. Store clerk Christopher Martin, 19, told the court he believed Floyd to be ‘high,’ as he struggled to speak. Martin also spoke of his guilt at accepting the fraudulent note, as this set off the events leading to Floyd’s death.

The court also witnessed harrowing police bodycam recordings, which documented Floyd pleading with officers that ‘he didn’t know’ the note was counterfeit, and saying, ‘I'mma die, man…I’m not a bad guy.’ He also calls out for his mother and says, ‘I can’t breathe’ multiple times. Bystanders yell at the police, ‘[Floyd’s] not responsive!’ He is then taken away on a stretcher.


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