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Manipulation, fakes, and disinformation in the German election | Fact Checking

DW, 23 Sep 2021
Fake election posters, fabricated quotes or false claims about postal voting – a lot of fakes about the 2021 federal election are circulating on social media. Some are easy to recognize, others are more subtle. Our fact check shows how to recognize the disinformation and what the parties are doing about it.

0:00 Vaccinations and the right to vote
1:40 Campaign disinformation
4:15 Digital disinformation
6:00 Postal votes

Federal Returning Officer on fakes regarding the German Election:
Forsa survey on disinformation in the German election campaign:
Media reports on false election posters:
Avaaz study on German election campaign:
US Study on the disinformation on the postal voting in 2020:
Studies on Fake news during the 2016 election campaign in the US:
Fake News Special by the Bundeszentrale Politische Bildung (BPB):
DW Fact check on the chancellor debate

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