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Metsola: We must continue sending ammunition to Ukraine until the Russian invasion ends

DW, 31 May 2023
In an exclusive interview with DW, Roberta Metsola says Europe needed to push through laws to provide Ukraine with more ammunition without public consultation.

An EU proposal would see a million ammunition rounds sent by EU countries to Ukraine before the end of the year.

DW's interview comes after an exchange of drone attacks on Kyiv and Moscow. Russia claims Ukraine was responsible for the attacks on its capital, which Ukraine has denied.

When asked about European-provided weapons potentially being used to strike targets in Russian territory, Ms. Metsola said: "I think anybody making this argument is forgetting the fact that Russia invaded Ukraine. This is not a conflict between two countries. This is one country invading another and taking part of its territory. And until Russia leaves Ukraine, then we are not going to stop supporting Ukraine."

The European Parliament is voting on a fast-track procedure from the European Commission to send more ammunition to Ukraine, also known as the Act in Support of Ammunition Production (ASAP).

On whether the proposal is moving too quickly and without public consultation, the Parliament President said: "I think we should engage whenever we have proposals, as I've been doing whenever I go to different member states and explaining what we do. We, let's say, have had to adapt to urgency, as we did during the pandemic."


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