Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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PBS NewsHour full episode, Jan. 25, 2022

PBS, 26 Jan 2022
Tuesday on the NewsHour, the United States delivers more military aid to Ukraine as fears of a Russian invasion remain high. Then, the fight over reapportioning congressional districts grows more intense amid lawsuits, vetoes and widespread gerrymandering. And, under Taliban rule, the lack of opportunity for Afghan girls forces one doctor to choose between her patients and her children.

Ukraine says Russian invasion not imminent, West disagrees
News Wrap: Pfizer starts clinical trial of omicron vaccine
Ukraine urges U.S. to sanction Russia, provide more weapons
How the 2020 census data has created new gerrymandering woes
Rising Texas COVID hospitalizations burden health care staff
Afghan women forced to quit work, country for kids' sake
Many Californians still 'trapped' years after PG&E wildfires
Two years into the pandemic, student woes still persist

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