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NATO chief speaks after foreign ministers meeting on Russia-Ukraine war | LIVE

CA, 29 Nov 2022
NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg is holding a news conference after a foreign ministers meeting in Bucharest with discussions around Russia's war in Ukraine.

Foreign ministers of NATO member states and applicants Finland and Sweden sat down for the start of a two-day meeting on Tuesday as the alliance's head accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of using winter as "a weapon of war" in Ukraine.

NATO is seeking ways to sustain Kyiv's military and help keep civilians safe amid constant blackouts and heating shortages caused by Moscow's targeting of its energy infrastructure at the talks in the Romanian capital.

Russia acknowledges attacking Ukrainian infrastructure but denies deliberately seeking to harm civilians.

The ministers will focus on increasing assistance such as air defence systems and ammunition to Ukraine.

They will also discuss non-lethal aid including fuel, medical supplies, winter equipment and drone jammers, delivered through allies' contributions to a NATO assistance package.

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