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Netherlands: Violence erupts for a second day over coronavirus restrictions

Telegraph, 21 Nov 2021
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Youths in The Hague set fires in the streets and threw fireworks at officers in a second day of violent protests against coronavirus restrictions in the Netherlands.

The unrest came a day after police opened fire on protesters in Rotterdam amid what the port city's mayor called "an orgy of violence".

Police said in a tweet that seven people were arrested in The Hague and five officers were injured. One needed treatment in a hospital.

The rioting in The Hague on Saturday was on a smaller scale to the pitched battles on the streets of Rotterdam on Friday night, when police said that three rioters were hit by bullets and investigations were underway to establish if they were shot by police.

It was reported that police aimed fire directly at protesters’ legs, the first time the tactic, which should only be used in emergencies, had been used since 2009. Officers fired after being surrounded by a large group of rioters and, in a second incident, to protect firefighters. 

Officers in Rotterdam arrested 51 people, about half of them minors, police said on Saturday afternoon. One officer was hospitalized with a leg injury sustained in the rioting, another was treated by ambulance staff and "countless" others suffered minor injuries.

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