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Nigerian journalist Tobore Ovuorie wins DW's 2021 Freedom of Speech Award

DW, 03 May 2021
DW honors Nigerian investigative journalist Tobore Ovuorie as the recipient of its 2021 Freedom of Speech Award. From an early age, she's stood up for women's rights and called out injustices. 
Only a few things excite Ovuorie more than finding a good story. Every day she is out hunting for intriguing topics to cover.
Ovuorie has been speaking up against injustice since she was a little girl. Encouraged by her father, she decided to become an investigative journalist.
Ovuorie's work sometimes involves changing her identity. All her stories affect her personally, but none of them impacted her life as much as her 2013 investigation into Nigeria’s human trafficking mafia. The story unfolded on  Allen Avenue - a popular hotspot for prostitution. For seven months, Ovuorie was an undercover sex worker here. 
It was the toughest, most frightening and most challenging investigation -  and one she was not prepared for. She was raped, abused and saw two people beheaded in front of her.  
Ovuorie is still recovering from that experience. Her story served as the inspiration for the Netflix film 'Oloture.' She has since made several other award-winning investigations and is adamant she's not stopping any time soon.

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