Monday, Apr 12, 2021
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'No more late-night cheese': Boris Johnson reveals weight loss to encourage the public to get fitter

Telegraph, 04 Mar 2021
Prime Minister Boris Johnson has revealed he has stopped eating cheese at night, as well as avoiding chocolates and eating less carbs in order to lose weight.

In a video posted to Twitter, the Prime Minister told the country he has been doing everything he can to lose weight and feel fitter.

As a result of his dieting efforts, as well as early morning runs, Mr Johnson says he feels "full of beans" and "much more energetic".

It comes as the Government announced a £100 million package to help drive down levels of obesity - which increases a person's risk of dying from Covid-19 or severe disease, as well as a number of other health problems.

Mr Johnson became unwell with Covid-19 himself last year.

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