Friday, May 07, 2021
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"No more money will be offered": Legault tells labour unions to accept "reasonable" government offer

CA, 03 May 2021
After a meeting with various union leaders on Sunday, Quebec Premier François Legault said he wants to wrap up union negotiations within two to three weeks without reviewing his offer to some 550,000 public sector employees of Quebec.

At a press conference in Montreal, Legault insisted that the offers on the table are already “reasonable” and “generous” in the context of the pandemic and the province’s $13-billion deficit.

The premier added that Quebecers are already the highest taxed population in North America and the province can’t increase taxes or public spending.

He added that the unions can refuse the provincial government’s offer for as long as they want, “but there will be no more money offered,” Legault said.

Olivia O'Malley has more.

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