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Northern Ireland rocked by fears of new sectarian violence

DW, 11 Apr 2021
Northern Ireland rocked by fears of new sectarian violence | DW News
Irish Prime Minister Micheál Martin has warned of a spiral back into sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland. Saturday marked the 23rd anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement, which ended the conflict known as The Troubles. But now violence is flaring again. A week of rioting has rocked the British province - and drawn in many young people.
Young unionists threw stones, iron sheets, Molotov cocktails at police on Friday night for over two hours. Law enforcement advanced only cautiously, to avoid provoking the youth. On Saturday, In pro-Union neighborhoods, many feel betrayed. Brexit has cut them off from the rest of the UK.
Even though the country is part of the UK. Many people feel they have been cut loose from their homeland.
Some radical groups are encouraging young people to take to the street. In many pro-union neighborhoods, young people are dealing with poverty and hopelessness and coronavirus restrictions. Violence is also an outlet for frustration.
No one knows where the violence will lead. But it's almost certain people in Northern Ireland haven't seen the end of unrest.


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