Monday, Jan 24, 2022
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Omicron wave in India: Is its health system prepared?

DW, 13 Jan 2022
India is experiencing a rapid rise in COVID-19 infections as the omicron wave hits the country.
New daily cases have surged to almost 250,000 - the highest number of infections since late May. This despite nearly 70 percent of all adults having received at least one dose of a vaccine. Even though fewer patients with Omicron infections are being hospitalized, this new wave has hit hospital staff hard, with hundreds of hospital and other front-line workers falling ill.
What can be expected as India confronts the new variant?
00:00 Omicron wave hits India
00:40 Is India’s health system prepared?
03:14 Pulmonologist Lancelot Pinto in Mumbai
05:56 DW’s Manira Chaudhary


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