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Omicron wave: Is Europe prepared? Record numbers of COVID-19 cases in Germany

DW, 12 Jan 2022
The World Health Organization has warned that more than half of Europeans could become infected with the Omicron variant within the next few weeks. That’s as coronavirus infections across Europe are reaching record numbers.
France has just seen a daily record of 368,000 infections. Italy has seen cases more than double in 24 hours. Germany reported over 80,000 new Covid-19 infections on Wednesday - that's more in a single day than at any time during the pandemic. Omicron cases in Spain are soaring despite one of the highest vaccination rates in the EU. The government only recently reduced the quarantine period to 7 days. But with long waiting times at family doctors, some patients are cutting their losses and heading straight to hospital. And that's putting even more strain on the healthcare system there as DW's Nicole Ris reports.
00:00 WHO: Half of Europeans could get omicron within weeks
00:37 Is the German government prepared?
03:56 Germany Chancellor Scholz backs calls for vaccine mandate
07:30 Omicron wave in Spain puts health system under pressure


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