Saturday, Sep 19, 2020
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People turned away at Covid test centres as Hancock admits it will take 'weeks' to sort delays

Telegraph, 15 Sep 2020
The UK is facing an “enormous challenge” with testing as the coronavirus “epidemic is growing” again, the Health Secretary has said, as he announced that tests are now having to be prioritised.

It follows several days of thousands across the UK being unable to book a Covid-19 test, forcing NHS hospitals to cancel operations and turn away patients because staff are stuck at home.

On the delays, Mr Hancock said that the problem should be solved "in a matter of weeks".

Speaking in the Commons this afternoon, Mr Hancock said: “France and Spain have both reported daily figures of over 10,000 positive cases, and increasing hospitalisations.

“Here in the UK we saw yesterday around 2,600 new cases and last week medical advisers advised that R is above 1.

“The epidemic is growing. There are signs that the number of cases in care homes and the number of hospitalisations is starting to rise again.”

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