Monday, Dec 06, 2021
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Peru police seize nearly 5,000 kg of drugs worth over $200 million

CA, 17 Oct 2021
Police in Peru have seized nearly 5,000 kg of drugs following anti-narcotics operations nationwide. On Friday, the dozens of bags of seized marijuana and cocaine were on display and guarded by soldiers on the streets of Lima.

The 4,900 kg haul is made up of some 3,000 kg of marijuana and about 1,000 kg of cocaine substances seized from a number of locations including a jungle area of Cusco, Peru.

According to Police Col. Cesar Echevarria, the drugs are believed to be worth over $200 million on the black market internationally.

Peru and Colombia are the world's top producers of cocaine, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

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