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Planet Normal: Could there be more sympathy for strikers than the government realises? | Podcast

Telegraph, 23 Jun 2022
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Note: This episode was recorded on Wednesday the 22nd of May before the UK by-elections.

It’s all eyes on the Conservative party this week as they face all important by-elections. But will it be fun in the sun for Prime Minister Boris Johnson, or a political washout?

One thing’s for sure, the political heat in rocket this week is rising faster than the soaring rate of inflation, as our co-pilots share their views.

Allison warns that there may be more public sympathy with striking workers than the government thinks, and Liam is perplexed at the decision to reinstate the ‘triple lock’ which sees pensions increase alongside inflation.

Joining the rocket of sweet reason for a returning mission this week is Liz Cole and Molly Kingsley from the children’s campaign group ‘Us for Them. Fresh from penning their debut book ‘The Children’s Enquiry’, Molly and Liz share their dismay at the lack of consideration for the cost of lockdowns borne by children, and reveal they are concerned about Covid measures being returned to schools if cases rise in the autumn.

And finally co-pilot Pearson has a very exciting career announcement to make...

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