Friday, Sep 25, 2020
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Priti Patel insists Internal Market Bill doesn't break law, contradicting fellow ministers

Telegraph, 15 Sep 2020
Priti Patel has insisted that the Government is "absolutely not" breaking the law through the Internal Market Bill, contradicting fellow Cabinet ministers including Boris Johnson.

Last week Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis told MPs the bill would "break international law in a very specific and limited way". Speaking in the Commons yesterday, the Prime Minister did not back away from this, instead stressing that powers would be held "in reserve" and only used as a last resort.

This morning however, when asked about Mr Lewis' comments, the Home Secretary told Sky News: "We are absolutely not doing that [breaking the law]. The purpose of the bill is to ensure we preserve the integrity of the UK … but also stay true to the people of Northern Ireland in terms of the Good Friday Agreement.

She added: "Parliament is sovereign when it comes to how international treaties are not only interpreted but applied through acts of parliament."

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