Wednesday, May 12, 2021
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Promising signs that COVID-19 3rd wave is cresting in Ontario

CA, 01 May 2021
Ontario's COVID-19 science and modelling advisory tables are reporting a cresting of cases at a “very high” level, but “incredible pressure” on the province’s intensive care units (ICUs) and elevated workplace mobility are still posing major issues in the effort to get the third wave under control.

“There’s clear reason for hope, but this hope requires a commitment, dead-set determination to see the job through,” Dr. Adalstein Brown, co-chair of the COVID-19 Science Advisory Table, told reporters Thursday afternoon, urging people to ensure that the province’s “third wave is the last wave.”

When it comes to projected daily case counts, scientists and medical professionals said Ontario avoided the worst-case of scenario (up to almost 8,000 new cases a day) due to the stay-at-home order imposed earlier in April.

The province is also now getting help from the military and as Eric Sorensen reports, there are some promising signs the third wave is cresting.

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