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Quebec election: Battle for second place as Legault leads polls

CA, 03 Oct 2022
In Canada, Quebecers head to the polls on Monday. Politicians in that province have been out campaigning for 36 days. Tomorrow, voters will have their say.

It has been a fairly comfortable — albeit at times bumpy campaign — for François Legault. Right out of the gates, pollsters had him far out in front. It seemed that it wasn’t a question of whether he’d win, but rather by how much.

Legault’s party, the Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ), had a slim majority of the 125 seats in Quebec’s national assembly. It initially looked like he would be adding considerably to it, but it seems he hasn’t been able to build on his lead.

As Mike Armstrong explains, with a divided opposition, the battle in this race appears to be over who finishes second.

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