Sunday, Mar 07, 2021
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Rare London snowfall brings joy during COVID-19 lockdown

CA, 24 Jan 2021
Rare snowfall in London and the commuter towns of St Albans and Hemel Hempstead, north of the capital, on Sunday provided a few hours of fun for children - and dogs - who have spent the last few weeks under a tight lockdown to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Snowmen, including one wearing a face mask, were spotted near Buckingham Palace in central London. Children rushed out to enjoy a white landscape in local parks in the Fulham neighbourhood, with just enough snow falling to allow a sled to be pulled. Meanwhile, dogs were filmed prancing in powdery snow in St Albans and Hemel Hempstead gardens.

The icy weather was also a rare experience for some of the inhabitants of London Zoo, including western lowland gorillas and otter pups.

The British Meterological Office had issued a warning of dangerous conditions after heavy snowfall across much of the country.

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