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Rodchenko.LIVE: Deepfake masterclass by legendary Russian avant-garde artist

RT, 25 Nov 2021
If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing a masterclass from the legendary Russian avant-garde and modern photographer Alexander Rodchenko, you're in for a treat. RT Creative Lab has recreated him using deepfake video technology.

Rodchenko.LIVE is a series of deepfake videos in which the artist talks about the legacy of the visionary Russian art and design school Vkhutemas – the Soviet counterpart of the German Bauhaus. Between 1920 and 1930, Rodchenko taught construction and metalwork at Vkhutemas, pioneering design in Russia.

The series of masterclasses will consist of 4 videos, which will be released in 2021-2022. In the first episode "Experiments for Future" Rodchenko gives an introductory talk about his life and the creation of a new type of artist-engineer at Vkhutemas.

RT Creative Lab has launched a new large-scale online project dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the first Soviet industrial design institute, Vkhutemas (the Higher State Artistic and Technical Workshops) and the 130th anniversary of the artist and designer Alexander Rodchenko.

Vkhutemas, often referred to as the “Russian Bauhaus” was a major, avant-garde creative institution established in 1920s Moscow. There, an extraordinary group of creatives developed new education methods which defined design in 20th century Russia.

To revive the original spirit and excellence of Vkhutemas we have created new online workshops, wrapping them in modern media formats - the way they would look today - in the era of webinars, long reads, explainer videos, masterclasses and new media.

The English language version of the will be launched soon!

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