Saturday, Sep 25, 2021
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Sky turns orange as Turkey’s wildfires continue for 5th day

CA, 02 Aug 2021
Plumes of orange smoke filled the skyline of Turkey's popular holiday resort area of Bodrum on Sunday, Aug. 1 as firefighters battled to contain the fire still raging in coastal resort towns.

Eyewitness video obtained by Reuters also showed aerials of the blaze in the Aegean coastal town of Marmaris.

The death toll from wildfires on Turkey's southern coast rose to eight on the fifth day of the wildfires.

Authorities said most of the more than 100 blazes that erupted in Turkey in the last five days have been contained. However, fires were still blazing in Manavgat and in Marmaris and the inland town of Milas, they said, prompting the evacuation of some residential areas and hotels.

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