Wednesday, Jun 16, 2021
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Speaker rejects Tory rebels' foreign aid amendment but says government must bring vote

Guardian, 08 Jun 2021
An attempt by rebel Conservative MPs to reverse foreign aid cuts has been thwarted after the House of Commons Speaker ruled their amendment was out of scope, but said the government must bring a vote on the issue.
The Speaker, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, said he would accept a request for an emergency debate on the issue – expected to take place on Tuesday – but any vote would be non-binding. He said he expected the government to quickly bring forward a vote on the decision to make the cut and hinted he would facilitate a binding vote if the government refused to bring one.
'I hope the government will take on that challenge and give this house the due respect that it deserves,' he said. 'And if not, we will then look to find other ways in which we can move forward.'
Speaker rejects Tory rebels’ foreign aid amendment
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