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Taiwan train crash: Prosecutors investigate nearby construction site

DW, 03 Apr 2021
Investigations are underway in Taiwan after the country's worst rail disaster in decades. At least 50 people were killed and more than 140 injured when a train smashed into a construction truck that had slid onto the tracks. It happened at the start of Taiwan's four-day Tomb Sweeping holiday. It's a time when families often take the train to return to their hometowns, and pay their respects at the graves of their elders.
The train was packed with nearly 500 hundred people, with many cramming into the aisles without a seat. But just as the train entered a narrow tunnel... it slammed into a truck... tearing the front carriages apart.
Authorities allege the truck from a nearby construction site, slipped onto the tracks after the driver left the handbrake off. Prosecutors have issued an arrest warrant for the construction site manager.
Rescue workers describe a confronting picture of the wreckage.
It's Taiwan's worst rail disaster in decades and the government says flags will fly at half-mast for three days of mourning.
Many of those on board the train were planning to celebrate the long weekend in which many Taiwanese return to their home villages to clean the graves of their elders.
Authorities have begun a strict investigation into the catastrophe.


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