Friday, Aug 07, 2020
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Teen allegedly behind large Twitter hack eliciting Bitcoin facing 30 felony charges

CA, 01 Aug 2020
A 17-year-old was allegedly behind the large Twitter hack on July 15 of prominent accounts, including former president Barack Obama and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, and is now facing 30 felony charges for "scamming people across America," the Hillsborough County State Attorney announced in Tampa, Fla. Friday.

According to State Attorney Andrew Warren, the 17-year-old allegedly used the Twitter accounts of famous people and celebrities to "Bit-Con" people into sending money via Bitcoin with the promise of double the amount would be sent back. Warren said the teen was able to get more than US$100,000 in Bitcoin in one day before the hack was discovered and shut down by Twitter.

Warren said he's being prosecuted in Florida by state attorneys instead of federal prosecutors because the state's law allows greater flexibility to charge a minor as an adult in a financial fraud case. While the teen is thought to be the mastermind, two others are in custody and a third is being sought for charges in the case.

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