Tuesday, Mar 02, 2021
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Texas storm | Over 4,000 sea turtles rescued off the coast

RT, 18 Feb 2021
Thousands of sea turtles, rescued off the Texas coast amid heavy storms and abnormally cold temperatures, were evacuated to the South Padre Island Convention Centre, as seen in the footage filmed on Wednesday.

The turtles spend much of their time at the bottom of the ocean, and when the temperatures drop so unusually low, they can become 'cold-stunned.'

When stunned, the heart rate lowers, the flippers become motionless and the turtle will float comatose, hopefully washing ashore.

On day three of the Save Sea Turtles operation, volunteers are expected to relocate even more cold-stunned turtles, with over 4,000 turtles already rescued from the freezing waters.

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