Monday, Sep 21, 2020
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Trump, Netanyahu praise peace deal with Bahrain, Palestinians reject it

CA, 13 Sep 2020
Bahrain joined the United Arab Emirates in establishing diplomatic ties with Israel on Friday, a move forged partly through shared fears of Iran, but one that could leave the Palestinians further isolated.

A month ago, the United Arab Emirates agreed to normalize ties with Israel under a U.S.-brokered deal which is scheduled to be signed at a White House ceremony hosted by U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday.

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called next week's meeting in Washington, D.C. "a great historic moment of peace" while Palestinians rejected it and burned pictures of Arab, Israeli and U.S. leaders in a protest in Gaza.

Secretary-General of the Palestine Liberation Organization, Saeb Erekat, in the West Bank, said the only way to achieve regional peace was by ending "the Israeli occupation."

Bahrain, a small island state, is home to the U.S. Navy's regional headquarters.

Friday's deal makes Bahrain the fourth Arab country to reach such an agreement with Israel since exchanging embassies with Egypt and Jordan decades ago.

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