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PBS News Weekend full episode, May 22, 2022

PBS, 23 May 2022
Sunday on PBS News Weekend, as a series of devastating wildfires continue to burn throughout New Mexico, we look at the role of climate change. Then, a new documentary focuses on often-overlooked stories of people fighting against authoritarian governments around the world. Also, one woman who started running marathons after losing her leg to cancer is breaking barriers.

New Mexico wildfires leave devastation amid historic drought
News Wrap: Biden stops in Japan after visit to South Korea
How one Ukrainian refugee is adjusting to life in the U.S.
New documentary explores forgotten wars around the world
Cancer survivor defies odds in record-breaking marathon runs

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00:00 - Full Episode
02:16 - Climate Crisis
07:56 - News Wrap
11:04 - Ukrainians In America
14:52 - The Will to See
20:06 - Weekend Spotlight
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