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Tusk Awards: Prince William pays tribute to conservationists and makes plea on climate change

Telegraph, 23 Nov 2021
Prince William has issued a call to action in the face of climate change.

The Duke of Cambridge spoke at the Tusk Conservation Awards in London and called on people across the world to address climate change, protect the environment and conservation and support communities already suffering.

In a moving speech, the Duke paid tribute to those risking their lives to protect endangered species in Africa.

As seen in the video above, he said: "Africa remains on the frontline of conservation, playing host to the most awe-inspiring diversity of fauna and flora.

"The forests and savannahs of this vast continent are a precious form of natural capital. This not only underpins economies and supports biodiversity, but plays a critical function in our battle against climate change.

The duke said that following on from Cop26 in Glasgow last month "it is clear that we must see the environment, conservation and climate change through the same prism and not in isolation."

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