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UK v rest of the world: How Britain has fallen behind other countries in reopening | Covid-19

Telegraph, 22 Jun 2021
With the delay of the much anticipated 'Freedom Day', which was supposed to see most Covid restrictions dropped on June 21, the UK has fallen behind many other nations in reopening the country.

Despite having a high rate of vaccinations, venues in the UK maintain strict capacity limits, mask wearing is mandatory and social distancing rules are still in place. Nightclubs are still not allowed to reopen.

While over in the US, mask wearing is no longer mandatory for those who have been vaccinated, concerts and other events are being held at full capacity and social distancing has been mostly abandoned.

In France, nightclubs will reopen indoors at nearly full capacity from July 9, a full ten days before the earliest possible date for further freedoms to be reinstated in the UK.

Watch the video above to see all the ways in which other countries are reopening before Britain.

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