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UNGA 2020: Pakistan accuses India of "playing a dangerous game" in a "nuclearized environment"

CA, 26 Sep 2020
Pakistan accused India of "playing a dangerous game of upping the military ante against Pakistan in a nuclearized environment," during its speech shown on Friday to the United Nations General Assembly.

"The government and people of Pakistan are committed to standing by and supporting their Kashmiri brothers and sisters in the legitimate struggle for self-determination," said Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan during a pre-taped speech to the U.N.

Recently, India stepped up an offensive against militants in the Muslim-majority region of Kashmir and elsewhere.

And last year, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government took away Jammu & Kashmir state's special privileges, provoking anger in the region and in neighboring Pakistan. It also took away Jammu & Kashmir's status as a state by creating two federally controlled territories, splitting off the thinly populated, Buddhist-dominated region of Ladakh. Jammu & Kashmir had been the only Muslim-majority state in mainly Hindu India.

India and Pakistan have fought two of their three wars over Kashmir, and the disputed Himalayan region was again the focus of a flare-up between the two nuclear powers last year.

During his speech, Khan also accused India of state-sponsored Islamophobia and called on the United Nations to "declare an International Day to Combat Islamophobia".

Khan also condemned the re-publication of "blasphemous sketches by Charlie Hebdo."

Earlier on Friday in Paris, two journalists were stabbed near the former offices of the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine that was attacked by Islamist militants in 2015.

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