Saturday, Sep 25, 2021
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US moves increasingly toward vaccine mandates

DW, 30 Jul 2021
Earlier this week in the US, the Centers for Disease Control backpedalled on face masks, recommending again that people wear masks indoors – with one important difference: this recommendation is for vaccinated people.

It comes amid worries that the vaccine may not be able to protect in crowds of unvaccinated people who may be carrying the more transmissable delta variant. Public health officials in Europe and in the US are urging people not to wait any longer to get their shots.

In the US, the number of new people willing to be vaccinated has stagnated. This is important because the unvaccinated comprise almost all hospitalizations and COVID-19 deaths. Public health officials call this the pandemic of the unvaccinated. With the vaccine available everywhere in the US, patience with those refusing to get the jab is wearing very thin.


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