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US President Biden delivers remarks on economic crisis, signs executive orders

CA, 23 Jan 2021
U.S. President Joe Biden delivered remarks on Friday regarding the economic crisis facing the United States amid the coronavirus pandemic and signed two executive orders.

Biden said his administration is going to "finish the job" of getting US$2,000 in direct payments to Americans as a stimulus in the midst of the economic hardships brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. The president added the initial US$600 is not enough.

He claimed that with his administration's "American Rescue Plan," which is designed to rebuild the country's economy amid the coronavirus pandemic, the economy would return to full employment a full year faster than without the plan. Biden also said one of former president Donald Trump's top economic advisors Kevin Hassett said he's "absolutely in favour of this rescue plan."

The executive orders signed Friday aim to restore federal employees' collective bargaining rights and directing agency action on safety net programs, including Medicaid and unemployment insurance.

Biden unveiled sweeping measures to battle COVID-19 on his first full day in office on Thursday, but his first COVID-19 relief package is already facing obstacles in Congress that threaten to force his administration to curb some of its more progressive aims.

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